Laser Beauty Equipment
    1. E Light Beauty Machine (IPL+RF)
    2. E Light Beauty Machine (IPL+RF) Our E light beauty machine can be used to dispel dermal flecks.
      Skin whitening and rejuvenation
      The beauty machine is suitable for light hair removal ...
    1. Y9A-Yedda Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine
    2. Y9A-Yedda Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine The best laser wave length of 808nm makes the customers feeling cool and comfortable without pains during the hair removal.
    1. Carina Beauty Machine
    2. Carina Beauty Machine N6+A Carina beauty machine adopts advanced non-stripping and non-invasive rejuvenation technology. It can rejuvenate skin, eradicate spots and remove hair simultaneously ...
    1. E8B-Elodra E-Light Beauty Machine
    2. E8B-Elodra E-Light Beauty Machine The E8B Eldora E-Light IPL RF laser multifunctional beauty equipment delivers perfect combination of high performance ...
    1. Arthur Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
    2. Arthur Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Arthur laser tattoo removal machine is ideal for removing blue, black eyebrow embroidery.
      This type of laser tattoo removal machine is applied for red ....
    1. N9-Ana IPL Machine
    2. N9-Ana IPL Machine N9 Ana IPL beauty machine can be used to rejuvenate skin and remove hair simultaneously. It can work when turned on. There is no need to replace the blade head.
    1. PDT Skin Rejuvenation Machine
    2. L5-Alina PDT Skin Rejuvenation Machine The PDT skin rejuvenation equipment is used for freckle removal and wrinkle removal.
      Skin rejuvenation ...
    1. BS05+Bella 6 in 1 Fat Reduction Machine
    2. BS05+Bella 6 in 1 Fat Reduction MachineThe BS05+ Bella 6-in-1 fat reduction equipment is an ideal product for whole body or part weight reduction, local skin care and cosmetics for body cargo due to its high performance ...

We are a Laser Beauty Equipment Manufacturer in China

Beijing Zohonice Beauty Equipment Company is a laser beauty equipment manufacturer in China. Our main products include E light beauty machines, IPL beauty machines, tattoo removal machine, PDT skin rejuvenation equipment, water oxygen beauty equipment and laser machine accessories. Our IPL hair removal machines, IPL wrinkle removal machines, RF tightening machines and laser beauty machines are produced with optoelectronic technology. With their innovation, durability and convenient operation and maintenance, our products are widely used in medical beauty institutions.

With much experience in producing laser beauty machines, we are fully aware of the fact that only with stability and efficiency can facial and body equipment win customers. To achieve this, we adopt advanced optoelectronic technology to produce laser beauty machines. For example, our laser tattoo removal machines use advanced technology of Q pulse laser to wash three lines without producing pains and remove pigment of the skin. The Regina E light beauty machine combines the strengths of light energy and radio frequency energy to achieve effective removal of freckles, redness, wrinkles and hair while avoiding high energy and producing injures. The efficiency is even more effective when dealing with golden hair and dark skin. RF tightening machines make use of 10Mhz bipolar radiofrequency technology to lift the face and remove freckles without pain or injury. All of these beauty machines have passed CE certification and ISO9001 quality management certification, so please feel secure in using them.

While adopting high technologies to produce beauty machines, we also improve work efficiency and save labor costs with the help of the professional managerial software to handle business orders, the cooperation between the sales and technical teams, and integration of factory and office. As a result, we are able to provide you with reliable and low-priced beauty machinery. To date, our products are exported in bulk quantities to countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Pakistan and India.

In addition to IPL hair removal equipment, fat burning machines, IPL hemorrhoid treatment machines and other beauty machinery, we also provide you with considerate service. For customers ordering in bulk quantities, you will receive new products for free, for you to try. With your purchase, we provide manuals, an installation guide, DV demonstration, and on-site service. In addition, we provide maintenance and repairs within the warranty period. We can also offer OEM and ODM upon request.

Our company is located in Beijing, the capital of China. We welcome you to contact us or visit to find out about our quality beauty machinery products. We look forward to working with you.